Studiando JSF ecco cosa ho trovato su questo libro:

Why JavaServer Faces?
Judging from the job advertisements in employment web sites, there are currently two popular techniques for developing web applications.

  • The “rapid development” style, using a visual development environment such as Microsoft ASP.NET.
  • The “hard-core coding” style, writing lots of code to support a highperformance back end such as J2EE (the Java 2 Enterprise Edition).

Quindi, mi chiedo anch’io, WHY JavaServerFaces??? Perché è troppo semplice altrimenti? Che poi il libro nemmeno cita php, che a me piace tanto…

Ed ecco l’altra perla di saggezza, mai ci fu cosa più vera:

Professional web designers know about graphics design, but they typically rely on tools that translate their vision into HTML. They would certainly not want to deal with embedded code. On the other hand, programmers are notoriously unqualified when it comes to graphic design. (The example programs in this book bear ample evidence.)