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Recently I got a problem with Devian Art, lots of users where publishing non available deviations (maybe publishing and removing immediately after), causing lots of messages “This Deviation is no longer available”.

I haven’t find a solutionon internet, so here’s a way to easily identify the user who is soiling your messages:

  1. Open the developer console (Firebug, Chrome developer console, whatever…) and log the XMLHTTPRequest
  2. Identify the rest call which returns the list of messages (should be a GET which, once decoded, looks like[]=”MessageCenter”,”get_views”,[“17188505″,”oq:devwatch:0:48:b:tg=deviations”]&t=json )
  3. Following this JSON hierarchy (use a plugin like JsonVIEW to avoid a painful search): DiFi.response.calls[].response.content[].result.hits (calss and content should be 1-length)
  4. hits is the array with the messages,  the missing deviations contains the “This Deviation<br>is no longer available” string.
  5. One of the field is called whoid, is the id of the user
  6. Search for the given whoid on google, eg: “deviantart 623166”
  7. If everything goes well, it will find a page containing a comment to that user, eg:
  8. At the top of the page, there is a link “Comment on username”, username is the one which is publishing non available deviations!
  9. Profit! 🙂

Update on step 6: search on google is more effective if like “{whoid}/” or “{whoid}/”.